This is our beginning. You and us together.

French food and wine, in a space built to celebrate life, femininity and connection.

We invite you to free yourself, and us, from the tyranny of perfection.

We live in a culture where we all have to show up perfectly, all the time. Whether it’s opening a new restaurant, going on a first date or being a parent or a lover – it sometimes feels like it has to be perfect.

But that’s not real, so we don’t want that perfection obsession here.

There are communities in this world who bring tables and chairs when restaurants open. We celebrate this entrepreneurial human spirit that makes room for growth, because whenever we try something new, we probably don’t get it just right first time or ever – and that should be embraced.

It takes time to grow strong and solid – and we need to make space for each other to do that.

The idea that you will walk into your day and this place and everything will go perfectly steals the joy from this experience for both of us. We want to get it right, but like a baby taking its first steps, or partners walking their first few years together – we are bound to stumble.

But as long as both our hearts are in the right place, not only is that okay, but it’s also amazing. Because it’s real. And real is so much better than perfect. Each moment a human comes into another human’s life is an opportunity to choose to build each other up or to break each other down.

So we invite you to soften your hearts as we find our feet.

Liberté is here to be a part of this community. To celebrate milestones – small and big – together. To grow and change together. We thank you for supporting us and being here.

This is the love story between you and us, and we are so grateful that it has begun.

Take our hand because it’s going to be fun.

We’re free, and we can be anything we want to be.

Love Natasha & the Liberté team