Freedom is understood as either having the ability to act or change without constraint or to possess the power and resources to fulfill one’s purpose.

When you realise you are outside the gate. Broken free of the walls of the city. The walls of your mind. Your age, what you own, who you think you are, what other people think of you – none of it matters. You are free. Riding fast across the open land, sunlight and horizon before you. You didn’t even know what freedom was – until you tasted it. And now there is no going back.


Liberté French Food and Wine is a space that celebrates life, femininity and connection. Elegant, modern French food in a beautifully curated space that showcases unique local and French wines.

Based in Craighall, Johannesburg – one of Joburg’s most beautiful, leafy suburbs – Liberté seeks to inspire a greater awareness of self. It is place where you can free yourself from the beliefs that keep you small and powerless. It is a space to enjoy the moment, your moment.

We invite you to join us as we approach each day with curiosity and gratitude, surrounded by French food and wine, and good people.